Helpful Tips

Refill Requests: For medications that have refills, please leave all the requested information listed on the pharmacy voicemail and they will be filled in the order received. When calling for medications that have no refills remaining, please submit your request 48 hours in advance of being out of medication. This allows adequate time for the request to be put into your doctor’s office and for them to respond. When waiting for a reply from a previous refill request, please note that you will be called personally by the pharmacy once the medication has been refilled.

Bring Your Insurance Cards: Although we are located inside of Slocum Orthopedics, we are a separate company and have a separate system. In addition, pharmacy cards are often separate from medical cards, so please bring up-to-date prescription insurance cards to help ensure faster service and lower wait times.

Update Your Info: Always update your address if you have moved, as well as your phone number and medication allergies.

Worker’s Compensation Claims: Having the claim number, date of injury, and contact information of the representative in charge of managing your claim will allow for quicker processing time.